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Volunteer Training


Please only complete this training if it has been requested. The courses that may be requested are Level 1 Safeguarding Everyone and Level 2 Safeguarding Children. You can do any other training that is on there but please note that you have 4 weeks to complete each course once you’ve requested it or we will be charged £40 which we may then ask you to reimburse so just request one at a time please.

To register for Virtual College Click Here ,to find the courses, please click on the learning button on the dashboard, then the available learning tab and they are on the second page.






If you complete any training, please can you send Sam Donoghue or Kathy Saffery the certificates.

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Vol1  Entering Volunteer Case Notes (For those without Carepath access)


Various courses available on zoom. To register for any of these for free Click Here


Various courses available either on zoom or in person. To register for any of these for free Click Here


To complete this training Click Here

If any of this is triggering for you but you would like to do it, please let us know so that we can support you. You are also welcome to complete training during your volunteer hours at Bridge – just let us know so that we can book a room for you.