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On Friday 25th of November, Bridge attended an 11 a side tournament at St Andrews. This was the first time St Andrews had held an 11 a side tournament, and the first time Bridge had attended one.

Bridge along with Northampton Town Multi Disabled and The Frank Bruno Foundation formed 2 teams, St Andrews also had 2 teams entered. Both Bridge teams played some great football, and the final game was a local derby Bridge vs Bridge with one team needing the win to secure the tournament. Bridge (England as they named themselves) won the game and had a record of 3 out of 3.

Congratulations to both Bridge teams for making it a friendly but competitive atmosphere.  Thank you to Craig at St Andrews and Russell Lewis from Northampton Football in the Community for putting on another great tournament.

Changing Goals is on at the Racecourse this Friday from 12pm, meeting at the Racecourse changing rooms.

Aaron Donoghue