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It’s with great sadness that I inform you all of the passing of Tom Morrice on the 25th of September 2021.

Tom volunteered for Bridge for some fifteen years.  Not once did he ask for anything in return.  Not once did he refuse to give.

He was a gentle man with a lightness of touch.  His refusal to judge, his ability to care and his quiet insistence on doing the right thing, are things that we should all try to learn from.

Tom rarely told his own story.  Partly because his stutter hindered his delivery but mostly because he was more inclined to listen than to speak.  And listen he did.  It would have been nice to hear him describe his journey.  It would have been nice to hear him speak of the adversity that he faced, the lessons that he learned and the harsh truths that life taught him.  But he would just smile and listen.  Then he would listen some more.

Tom had an intelligence that often went unnoticed and a wisdom that was rarely revealed. It’s hard to define a ‘good man’. But if you ever need an example then look no further.

Rest in peace Tom.  It’s a peace hard earned but well deserved.


Bridget Carroll