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On Thursday 7th July 2022 we held our first Sports Day at Bassetts Park, Wellingborough. Our 3 sites competed for the Tom Morrice trophy, named in honour of an amazing person and volunteer who sadly passed away.
They played against each other in rounders, tug of war, egg and spoon race, dress up relay and welli wanging.
Points were awarded in each of the competitions but also awarded for fair play.
Northampton won the welli wanging and the egg and spoon race. Wellingborough won the dress up relay. Corby won the tug of war. It came down to scores in the rounders, with Corby coming out on top and winning the Tom Morrice trophy, with Northampton in 2nd and Wellingborough in 3rd.
It was an amazing day, with great weather and better company. Everyone mixed in well and created a lovely atmosphere. Corby even brought their own pom poms to cheer everyone on!
After the event we had a lovely lunch made by staff and volunteers, which everyone enjoyed.
The feedback has been amazing, people telling us how they have made new friends, and we are so pleased that everyone had a great day – the recovery community certainly came together to support each other!
We decided to donate funds raised through lunches, raffle and a tombola to charity in aid of Florence Bark, a young Corby girl who urgently needs treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.  (Click here to view the Just Giving page.)
The total raised was £365 which is an incredible amount!
Thanks to all.
Steve Carroll