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On Thursday 6th July members from all across the county took part in what has become our annual sports day, with Corby, Northampton and Wellingborough playing for the Tom Morrice Cup.


We played rounders, had an egg and spoon race, a dress up relay, long jump and welly wanging, followed by some lunch.
After some very competitive games (who knew we could be so competitive!) it was Wellingborough who deservedly took the title!
Competition aside, it’s great when all 3 sites come together and meet as 1 big group, all striving for the same thing, supporting and encouraging each other. It was lovely to see new members attend, and equally lovely seeing those members who have been here a bit longer, being so welcoming and supportive.
Recovery is easier when you have people who you can talk to and want you to succeed. And also having a laugh together as seen at this event!