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We recently hosted a Fun Day at Beckets Park in Northampton. With the summer we’ve had this year we hoped for good weather, and we were lucky that it was a lovely, sunny day.
We played football, rounders, volleyball, and badminton, and also had some ‘funny’ races – an egg and spoon race hopping on one leg (harder than it sounds, and funny to watch!) and a dress- up relay.
We encouraged members to bring friends and family to enjoy the day with us, and this brought a large crowd, with lots of children attending giving the day a lovely family feel. 
We enjoyed some food together and there was lots of chat and laughter.
The day was very relaxed and there was a real community feel to the day – everyone being made to feel welcome.
Members commented – 
“Thank you so much everyone, today was so good being surrounded by such good supportive friends”
“Thank you so much all for making me and my son feel so welcome xxx”