The Rory Brennan Crisis Fund

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On 29th July 2019, Rory Brennan sadly took his own life. He had an ongoing battle with his mental health and reached out for support but unfortunately life just became too much.

Rory was described by family and friends as 'the life and soul', 'gentle and loving', with a 'loud sense of humour, a very funny guy who made everyone laugh, particularly his nieces and nephews' and as someone 'with a huge heart'.

Rory's family requested any funeral donations be made to Bridge, with the money raised used to support members accessing our service.

In his memory, and at the suggestion of a member, we have decided to set up a Crisis Fund.

This fund is for people who may require small loans or grants for anything related to their mental health such as transport costs to attend appointments for support, employment-related costs, and other items related to their health and wellbeing. We think this fund reflects Rory's personality and the kindness of his family.

We hope that it will help those most in need and allow our members to access the help they need.

We thank Rory's family and friends for their kindness.

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