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Bridge is a substance misuse programme based in Northampton but working throughout the county.

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus, all Bridge sites are currently closed. However, we are providing one to one telephone and virtual support to our members with a view to mirroring our normal timetable wherever possible as well as providing information and advice on our facebook. In addition:

Members can keep in touch and maintain contact with Bridge workers on the numbers below. All our Recovery workers from the three sites are there for support and guidance, just give us a call.

  • Northampton (9am - 5pm): Monday - Friday - 01604 621259.
  • Corby (10am - 2pm): Monday - Friday - 07931316289 and 07958664338.
  • Wellingborough (10am - 2pm): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - 07931109353.
  • Wellingborough: Tuesday to Friday (10am - 2pm) - 07775280602.
  • For Housing Support (9am to 5pm): Monday - Friday - 01604 621259.






Wellingborough Check In
click here.
Meeting ID: 879 0149 6028.

Fitness with Gerry
click here.
Meeting ID: 954 872 5831.

Northampton Relapse
click here.
Meeting ID: 886 4528 1374.

Poetry and
Reading Group
click here.
Meeting ID: 836 4492 1567.

Wellingborough Relapse
click here.
Meeting ID: 834 0566 7151.

Corby Check In
click here.
Meeting ID: 876 8806 3235.

Men's Group
click here.
Meeting ID: 885 6191 4196.


Women's Group
click here.
Meeting ID: 823 1776 7178.

Corby Relapse
click here.
Meeting ID: 880 0602 1182.

Parent and Child Session
click here.
Meeting ID: 840 4755 5243.




Northampton Check In
Click Here.

Don't forget to join the Online Quiz every Friday at 8.00pm. To join in click here.

If you would like to join any of these groups, please just click on the link for the meeting on the above timetable. The meetings will be open 15 minutes before the start time. If you have any problem joining a meeting, please call 01604 621259 and a member of Bridge staff will be able to help.

Housing, employment and financial support is all still available; just give us a call and we can give you advice over the telephone on the number above.

Peer support groups are available via social media and members are encouraged to share any advice and coping techniques they are participating in with each other.

For information on other tips, support being offered by other local services and courses, feel free to give us a call or click here.

Keeping fit with Gerry

During this period, we are aware that some of you will find it hard to either find the motivation to exercise, or to know which exercises are the most effective. Our gym instructor Gerry has put together a few videos to help you with your home workouts.


A brief overview of the work that the Bridge Programme does to support people with substance misuse issues

Bridge is a peer support project which links volunteers who have recovered from alcohol and/or drug misuse with members with serious substance misuse problems. Bridge also provides a range of activities, events and support. There are recovery workers who work with members to sustain their recovery and staff who specialise in advice and guidance on benefits, housing and employment.

Members will have some motivation to control, reduce or cease their drug/alcohol use and benefit from the support and encouragement of volunteers who have direct experience. Volunteers are trained for their role and fill an important and sensitive position.

Members can benefit from all the services Bridge provides or choose those that would be most beneficial.


Our volunteers are keeping busy by completing online training courses such as safeguarding, information sharing, mental health; so far 8 volunteers have completed 47 courses between them! Three of our volunteers in Northampton are currently volunteering for the NHS helping either at the hospital or driving to deliver food and medication. One of our volunteers is taking this time to learn Portuguese. Three volunteers are still continuing with their paid employment due to being vital keyworkers (care work, nursing and telephone support for a bank) whilst others are helping the local community by getting shopping for family members, friends and neighbours who are in need.

Bridge holds a quiz every Friday night via Facebook. Between 200 and 300 people join us online each week. Rounds have consisted of general knowledge, plus other subjects such as sport, music, geography, movies etc. Anyone can join in and interaction is welcome, although if you don't want to interact you can still take part. It's friendly, welcoming and inclusive, with members, volunteers, staff and other Bridge supporters taking part.

To take part all you have to do is go to the Bridge Facebook page. You do not need to sign up to Facebook to play. Have a pen and paper ready to record your answers and have a friendly challenge against others. Hope to see you there!

Bridge Substance Misuse Programme Ltd is a Social Enterprise, company registered number 06221493.
Registered office 63c Gold Street, Northampton, NN1 1RA.